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  • Help Raise the Bar!

    Thank you for taking time to Raise the Bar of Customer Expectations in Michigan’s Great Southwest.

    By clicking through to this Customer Citation opportunity, you will be sharing your personal experience as a customer with our local business community. This is your chance to cite a member of the retail or service business community for either positive or negative interaction.

    The information you impart today will be logged in with the Chamber offices and eventually dispatched to the party being cited. That dispatch can be made anonymously, if you wish, or we can identify for the business in question who is registering the citation. Either way, you will be asked for your personal information to validate your citation. If you request anonymity, your personal information cannot and will not be shared with the organization being cited. Only Chamber staff members will have access to your data. All other citation data will be dispatched.

    To begin the process, please identify the nature of your citation: