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    Banner Ad Specifications

    • Size - only banners measuring 480 pixels wide x 60 pixels high can be accepted.
    • Format - ads can only be submitted in: JPEGs and GIFs (including animation) - PNG & flash formats are not supported.
    • Rotation - up to 5 banner ads will rotate at each location each time the page is refreshed. Ads will display 4.5 seconds
    • Ad space is only available to Cornerstone Chamber of Commerce member businesses in good standing.  If a current member decides to terminate their membership, their ad will be discontinued regardless of how long it's been since it was uploaded. Non-member ads will not be placed. All ads are subject to approval by Chamber staff.

    Pricing and Placement

    • Availability - all ads will run on a calendar year basis (January through December) depending on availability. The cost of all ads submitted "during" the calendar year will be prorated. Renewal rates are not guaranteed.
    • Top Priority Placement is given to organizations with banner ads on the Search Results page.
    • An organization can have the same ad or a variety of ads on multiple pages.  
    • A list of available pages for placement is found in the link below with corresponding pricing and is based on ads provided to specifications above and ready to run. 
    • You may change ad copy quarterly if you like. 
    • Submit ads to info@cornerstonechamber.com

    Pricing & fees are subject to change without notification.

    Banner Ad Design Offers

    Two Chamber members have expressed an interest in providing preferred pricing options in the design of banner ads that specifically meet the placement requirements for fellow members who would like to market their businesses on our Chamber web site.  

    The companies are:

    - Maxon Graphixs (Robin Maxon - 269-982-4050)

    - Revolution Design (Jim Steinke - 269-605-4483)

    Click here to download Web Banner Ad Pricing & Placement

    Questions - contact the Chamber at (269) 757-0227 or (269) 757-0216 for additional assistance.